Some Insight Into Fundraising Strategies

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The best success for a non-profit to raise funds for their organization is to have some key strategies that will actually engage your investors. Many fundraisers find it helpful to first develop a clear vision when thinking about creating your strategies. It helps to work backwards and come to a decision about your goal. By assigning a goal first, it allows you to go back to your investor base and determine if that goal is feasible. It also gives you a real list of investors that will appreciate your coming to them first. This gives them a sense of ownership which also promotes investor advocacy.

Now you have a vision in place start building your fundraising strategy you need to consider your high end investors as well as prospects and diversify as much as possible.  This should allow some of your younger major gift officer an opportunity to make a difference and raise new money. It will all so be advantageous to identify your organizations needs as a team and develop the programs that will fill these needs. Some of your newer fundraiser may want to try their own fund raising page on social media, or do a walk-a-thon for their best investors.  One huge caveat that will help your staff to be successful, don’t just got to your high-end investors,  there should be some investors who are ready to take the next step up!

These are just a few ideas to begin to kick off your fundraising strategies.


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