Make The Right Fund Raising Decisions

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Which group do you believe gives the most money to nonprofits: foundations, corporations, bequests, or individuals?  The Giving USA report indicated that for 2015, 72-72% of money was raised from individuals. Why? Because fundraising is about face to face connections with individuals who want be a part of something where they can make a difference.  It is also about building a community where everyone becomes friends and the fund raising becomes the bridge for each investor.

When you create a community for fund raising there is a sense of coming together to share ideas and build strong relationships. Giving from the heart instills joy, fulfillment and even a sense of good will that builds an atmosphere that is bigger than just one person. Fund raising is about meeting new people and feeling pride in your ability to give.  Some times it is also about peer pressure which does not have be done by twisting someone’s arm.  There are many organizations that feel that peer pressure is the only to obtain gifts.


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