How To Step Up Your Major Gift Investors

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Every nonprofit is looking for ways to ramp up their major gift fundraising.  There are some concepts you may have considered but have not taken the time to really focus on how to create an organizational-wide commitment?  This means that everyone needs to be moving in the same direction supporting the initiatives that are most important and in your organization. The board of trustees, the staff, the volunteers and any other staff that should be it in the field or on site knowing what they are responsible when assisting in closing a gift.

Do you have enough resources to do the job?  We all know that the investment in time that it takes to close the “ask” can be long and drawn out or as brief as getting your investor to say yes on the first ask! You must have access to all the various staff and supporters to close the deal.  You also need the right mind set to move your investor along to the end deal.  Set your mind to the fact that the glass is more than half full giving you the impetus to get more than you asked for.

Many fund raisers have not bothered to hone their interpersonal skills and therefore they often fall short of closing the ask. Patience is a virtue that requires to be calm and collected when approaching a prospect or moving an investor to the next level of giving. It requires the ability to create a comfortable atmosphere, show that you knowledgeable the investors wishes and be gracious about whatever outcome happens.  You may feel that you fell short of your ask but don’t despair,continue to build your relationship and eventually it will all fall into place! 

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