How Can We Change The Way We Do Nonprofit Work

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There are some interesting news ideas that are creating a new vision for fund raising and donor cultivation. What if social justice was  form of cultivating your investors?  Would your investors perceptions of cultivation change? And what if you are not longer a fund raiser but a catalyst for change.

It seems that there are visions that creating a new model to recognize that your major gifts officers and principal gift officers become agents of change to move forward the concept of becoming an activist that is challenging your investors to considering remaking the world of investors to become more socially conscious and ultimately will assist your organization to seek out new investors. It seems that one can identify themselves as a refugee but suddenly there is the revelation that they could be the catalyst to social change which would lead to more money for their cause.

This might mean that academic research on the psychology that shapes fundraising must be the manner in which we can improve fundraising results. What is true is that very few nonprofits even think about research as a vehicle to learn more about creating your program design. There have been studies that reveal that there are brain functions that are activated when an investor makes a donation which creates a pleasurable feeling. However, for many investors and prospects this is not the case.

Diversity in any organization can create more interest in your staffs ability to raise more money.  That is the ultimate goal for any nonprofit. Start think about how inequalities can be come a model around the conversation  that can make a difference for your goals as a fundraiser. We often loose site of the reflecting  on the various aspect of being a social activist. Gender, race, religion, education and other factors can change the face of social action.  Start to think on a different level of who your investors are and what will make them more committed to your organization.


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