Fund Raising Success in 4 Easy Steps

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Every organization wants to increase their investor base every year. However, more investors fall off each year because no one has paid attention to them.  When that takes place, it’s clear that your staff want to find new prospects, which as you all know spends more money and energy to find new investors. Keeping your existing database should be your first priority. Gathering your top investors for an event with some new prospects, most likely will increase your contributions every year. Every executive director should consider the four steps.

The Four Steps:

  1. Humanity is one of the concepts that many organizations forget about.  Why? because most of your staff and board are only interested in the “ask”.  Learning about their investor is usually way down the list of their behavior.  Investors are human beings like everyone else and if your staff takes the time to build relationships.  What are your investors needs, desires,knowledge of your organization and what impact that their money can make a difference.  Try using Facebook as a vehicle for sending them information around their gift, their goals to assist the organization. However, if they are not a social media guru, send a short email asking to meet with them and start building your relationship.
  2. Transparency has become a very big concern for investors, prospects and foundations. There was a time when non-profits were able to obtain a gift with few if any questions asked. Those time are now gone and being transparent is a necessity. If you have a program that falls short of everyone’s expectation who haven given support, telling them exactly what the issues were that lead them to failure. Believe me your investors will be relieved that your organization was honest and forthright.
  3. Authenticity is another centerpiece that you will need to supply to your investors. Once again the times have changed, where marketing use to be the necessary, it has been taken off of the promotional list was so important to putting your organization our their for the public.  Advertising is not what it was in 70’s and 80’s. Authenticity and transparency are what makes an organization real!
  4. Socialization is a rather new concept that has taken hold of by social media.  The use of “apps” that allow users to communicate through their phones and any and all mean of social media. However, bringing a group of investors together for an event really engages your investor as a full fledged group that will grow together and perhaps some of them might become your ambassadors.

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