Four Amazing Ways to Create Fundraising Appeals

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It is time to have the most appropriate manner to find the best way to make the most of an effective ask that will energize your investor. In creating a great fundraising appeal there are the four T’s that can make a difference for you investors to be engaged.

  1. Timely:  The appeal needs to have a sense of urgency that makes your investor to stand up and take notice of how they can assist the organization to raise the money need immediately.  Don’t be too pushy to get your investor to commit. Give them details of the urgency and tell them you will talk to them in a day or two so they can digest the information.
  2. Touching: Remember there is always a story that elicits emotional reasons for giving. Inspiration must be part of the need to give. Stories with photos and great explanations as to what the immediate need is for giving, will be a great way to engage your investor.
  3. Trustworthy:  No doubt your investor does know that your are sincere and telling the truth about the immediate need.  You have been open and honest it the past and will no doubt engage in that same matter again and again.
  4. Tangible: If your investors writes a check after you have made the ask, be ready with concrete results and the specific impact their gift will make on your organization.  It is important that you reiterate this in your thank you letter.

These may sound like four very simple ideas that will make a difference to your investor.  Why? because will have hit only all the reasons why appeals are so important especially when it generate real emotions.

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