Donor-Centered Appeal Letters – A Checklist

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Sometime it is difficult to know what to say and how to say you want an increase in your investors gift or want to ask a prospect for a first time gift. Here are a few ideas that might get your motivated:

  • Use a warm tone towards your prospect or investor which will make them feel comfortable especially if you don’t use jargon that will put them off.  Here is one concept that might work, “Please visit us at your convenience!  We would be delighted to show you around and we really like to meet you!
  • To be warm and friendly you need to use the word “YOU” many more times than “we”. A new prospect or current investor wants to what is important for them not what you want them to hear. Some openers are: Do you know; Are you concerned: Have you been shown area our facility: which are great openers when you meet your investors.
  • When you write to a investor you know, be sure to make the feel interested and passionate about what you tell them that will create an impact on their giving. You need to understand their passion and investment in the organization.
  • Remember impact is important to your investor.  Be sure that it is clear what the impact is and how it will make a difference to your organization.  Again, make it about them not WE.

These are all good points to remember when you are meeting someone for the fist time, asking for an increase in giving, or you just want to be sure your investor is comfortable!

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