Create Loyal Major Investors Who Give Each Yeaer

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Every organization wants the first gift to be larger than expected, but how do you keeping them in the stream of increasing each year?  There is no real secret but what really works is building a strong relationship with your investor.  There are two strategies that should work for you and your staff to build those relationships that are so essential to increasing your investors gits.

Really knowing your investor is so important.  I had a binder of all my investors and prospects.  I did a round robin of calls every day.  Sometimes it was to just “say hello and see how they were doing” or it could be about how their gift impacted a program or their daughter was getting married. I just wanted to be sure they knew that I knew.  These may seem like silly reasons but they aren’t.  I also had lunch either in the office or out to their favorite place to eat,and I was always hearing some new piece of information about their job, their finances or their children.  This gave me an insight that very valuable for me as I thought about their next gift or the next meeting. I often realized what motivated the investor to give, what heshe liked and disliked and what really motivated the investor to trust our organization to do what we said we would do.

If your organization is lucky enough to have programs that are easily accessible to your organization,taking an investor directly to see the program, you will win many brownie points. If you have with scholarship ask if they would like to meet their mentor; if you are in the arts, perhaps you can get back stage to tour of the museum; may be you have given funds to an inner city baseball team and you can find the time to go see a game (hopefully a winning game), your investors will so impressed that they surprise you with a larger next gift! 

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