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Planned giving is an essential par of any organization no matter the size.  Planned giving is what can allow your organization stay afloat down the road. It often does not receive accolades but it can make a difference.Most staffers are afraid of the process.  Here are a few pointers:

  1. Identify your best prospects by looking at your top investor because they have been consistent and at times most demanding.  Many of these type investors have already prepared their wills and most like will have left your organization a bequest.
  2. Talking to your investors and prospects twice a year, gives the investor some time to gather his/hers own thoughts about what they might be interested.
  3. When you want to talk about planned giving many of your investors will shut down.  They don’t really know what “planned giving” means but if you use the words “bequest”, “will”, “estate planning”, will put your investor at ease.
  4. All your high end giving materials should have some mention of bequests.  If you have a quarterly newsletter, make an attempt to show off your latest bequest gif

To get started right now, pull a list of long term investors. Write a bequest/estate letter for your investors and if you have a good person on site that can talk about this material, arrange a meeting for the same list to be invited to actually hear more about how this will make a difference for the future of the organization.