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Monthly Archives: February 2016

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It has come to pass that online fund raising works and can really make a significant difference in your bottom line. Online giving has now moved to new heights of giving through websites, email, crowdfunding campaigns and even monthly giving. These venues have created additional funding¬† especially when the “donate bottom” becomes a standard on each website page and each fund raising campaign you create.

There are several strategies you should consider. The first one is to focus on e-mails that has been and most likely will continue to be E-Mail! Investors come and go and most likely you don’t even now they have stopped giving.¬† Your goal should be always collect as much demographic information as possible and consistently send some acknowledgement to these investors. Secondly, turn your website into an informational machine.¬† Keep your investors updated on impact news on programs, have a write up of a new program and how your investors can give and keep them informed. Thirdly use social media as your constant 15 minute outlet for information that will engage your investors and keep them interested.