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The end of year is a time to give your investors a kick in the pants to give while you also make them feel great about your organization. Most likely you have sent a holiday card with a picture of your staff or a card of one of our programs. Honestly is that really being creative? Not! You need to find something that sends a real meaningful message that will bring your investor joy that is about your amazing cause. Remember donor-centered can be the holiday cheer.

Send a card that really speaks to your work. Have doctors and nurses help some of the least sick children can manage to send a card that thanks your investor for all he/she has done for your organization. If you have a scholarship student in college, to send how the scholarship has made a difference for them to give you this great opportunity. Be sure to make the card about the investor!

Sending a small gift that was handmade. Why you might ask? Investors like to get things but not if you have to spend a great deal of money to give them something that will remind them of your organization. Try to get your board to take on this project and perhaps they can find something small that is use full but has a purpose. Something that is a good price and makes a great impression.

This idea is that you touch the heart of your investors. It should be like a “aha” moment. It is not always easy to find a perfect moment for that “aha” moment, which means that you really find what part of your mission means the post to investor and can you represent in your card.  If you think that you have missed this type of acknowledgement that will be perfect your investor but that it may be too late for year-end, make it a Valentines’ day card.

Remember that your investor recognition is about THEM!!