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Monthly Archives: September 2015

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There are some interesting concepts that could be eluding your ability have your organization to be compelling to move your nonprofit to the be progressive. In to today’s world of producing good content, it is important that you analyze donor date in such a manner that in your next campaign, will be segmented and more accurate regarding the giving habits of your investors. Along these same lines you might want to consider the engagement level for each segment of our campaign and what really motivates them to give to your organization. Consider doing some focus groups which could give you some insight to how to interact with this group in the future.

If you are considering an new appeal campaign and want it to go viral, contemplate creating a unique donation page.  Create a case that is compelling and use you Instagram data to how off the high points of your campaign. If your organization is so inclined, start using your email format to mobile devices.  MailChimp provides responsive templates that will assist you in creating new venues for your campaign. Your newsletter is a great vehicle to engage new subscriber’s to your organization. If you really want to engage these new constituents, create a personalized email for each person.  This will give them an immediate understanding that your are interested in them.  This may create a sense of loyalty to your organization and an opportunity to have them increase their giving.

This may be just the right time to break from your old practices and get a head start on your FY 2016.