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Many organizations have this problem that their boards think they don’t really have to fund raise or even help find new board members. Most non-profits believe that they can do without the boards help. WRONG! If they sit on a a board and they know in advance what the their responsibilities are which is to give or get a certain amount of money each year and be your ambassadors for finding new board members. If your board chooses not to fund raise, your major gift officers have twice the work to do and feel as if they are being dragged through the mud.

Here are a few things you can do to get the board motivated:

  1. Your first goal is to make your staff, board, volunteers and your investors understand the importance of fund raising.  Without fund raising there is no incentive to move forward, investors will realize that impact may not be sustainable and you will no longer have the ability to create new programs. Fund raising is the philanthropic endeavor your full team can undertake!
  2. Next be ready to tell the fund raising story and what will happen if you don’t fund raise. Actually within six to eight months without any fund raising, the word will already be out that your a failing institution. Fund raising is not just about the ask, but also it is about getting your story out there, have your board tell their story, think about the future, help create the awareness that is necessary,
  3. What you really need is to do is make the board feel successful. Give them on the job training and role playing. Set up a non-event where you make an ask, get the crowd to hear a really good emotional story that everyone can appreciate the outcome. Give them folders filled with materials and they should be able to tell your organizations story.
  4. What if all else fails?  It will be a major deficit for your organization if you can’t bring the board members in their place where they belong. If they are really being recalcitrant, consider asking them to leave the board.  It may not be what you expected but they must move on if they can’t even try to fund raise .Many of those board members who like the mission but won’t get motivated to help fun raise should be let go.