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First let’s discuss who in your database is a prospect and how is an investors. Let’s assume that $500 is your biggest group of supporters, and yet many of them have stopped giving more. However, if our major gift staffers understand that many of these investor could be eligible to go to the next lever.  How does your organization move these investors to the next level of giving?

It might be that $500 is your low, and yet many in this group might be ready for a mid-level gift program before moving up to becoming a major gift prospects. This group can become your pipeline which will assist you in reducing attrition and increasing giving. You need to real clear what is a major gift and what will take to move that low-level investor to mid-level to major gifts. It is definitely is a process that should be strategically be worked out in advance for whoever in your organization will take the next steps to move the investors along.  Remember that a mid-level gift is a solicitation function that should be combined with your direct mail campaign.  If you have given your mid-level investor time to reach the potential for a major gift, be sure that you have done your homework to e sure that this investors qualifies for your major gift campaign..

What makes this process so interesting is that your staff whether it be low-level or mid-level givers, should be clear about the upward mobility for your investors.  Staff that usually deal with the annual fund, might not be the right person for moving a mid-level prospect forward.  However, it is necessary to be clear that going from mid-level giving to major gifts is a huge leap and there should be one person assigned to that investor.  It may not be an easy process to move that investor forward, but if your major gift officers takes the time to build a real relationship, then as long as there is forward movement, you will see the money!