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In my search for interesting news that might grab your attention I thought I would give you a list of ideas that might bring your additional funds and additional investors. 

  1. Tell you story with compelling pictures, insight as to why your program can be better with more funding and how the impact will give your organization the transparency needed to make your investor secure in that your nonprofit is doing well.
  2. Your ask requires a specific dollar amount for an explicit project where the impact will demonstrate how your investors can trust you.
  3. Time to consider a sequence of appeals over the year and perhaps trying out different channels of communication as well as considering attempting to segment different investors to determine if they prefer emails, letters, text, social media or a personal ask.
  4. This is a time to be really be creative and try to get your staff and board to participate in some outlandish ideas for catching your investors interest.
  5. Try a social media campaign perhaps not something as chilling as the Ice Bucket Challenge but perhaps something smaller.
  6. Be investor-centered by starting with the word “you” and use it in your content, praise them for their engagement and make them feel important.
  7. Create a message that speak to a sense of urgency by using powerful verbs, short coherent sentences and have stark and impressionable pictures.
  8. Take time to reactivate your lapsed investors and do it in such a way that your investor realize you are adding something new to letter might just generate a gift.

These are just some thoughts that might get your colleagues energized for their next staff meeting to generate some additional ideas.