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In today’s world with caller ID, more calls from a variety of organizations and dinner being interrupted by a call, prospects and investors are less likely to make an effort to meet with you or your staff. If you can make an appointment for a visit, you are 85% of the way of closing a gift. Investor-centric is new wave of communicating with your prospect or investor. It is helpful if you have some idea how the investor/prospects wants to be contacted: text, email, hand-written note, r a phone call.  Here are some tips that might assist you in getting a visit.

  1. You are are seeking out a visit with your prospect or investor not an appointment. Visits are where you can chat smooch and just be yourself.
  2. Be sure that the prospect has time for you call and that they are willing to visit with you. Be sure to determine in advance how much time they can give you to visit.
  3. Asking for advice from the prospect/investor is a great way to show the person that you are interested in them and how they can help you.
  4. It is important that you engage the person to talk about what they think is important about your organization and what are they the most interested in a program or something else that makes them feel a part of the organization.
  5. Tell your caller why you are calling, thank them for their latest gift and if they are part of your organization, try to engage them as a volunteer or find out what else they are doing in  their community and how it might give them an opening in to your nonprofit.
  6. Be sure you make it clear that your discussion around philanthropy should be to get their feedback, their advice and what they might be able to support now or in the future.
  7. At this first meeting, money should not be an issue. It would seem way to pushy to start your first encounter with a discussion around giving.
  8. Be sure that your prospect/investor will give you a date and a time to meet.
  9. To retain your clients interest, be happy, sound enthusiastic and show interest in what the prospect.investor has to say.

The next call should be to have a visit where you really WOW the prospect/investor to consider a gift! You will have just started building a relationship that could last a life-time.