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Did you know that the work “YOU” is one of most power words used today? Why, because those three letters indicate that YOU are the subject of the topic as well as the kingpin of an appeal letter. What is more appealing a letter about your organization or “you” being the investor they are talking about in the letter?  Of course it should be YOU! YOU can do anything that put your mind to.

YOU as the subject of the letter, makes your investor feel powerful engaged and worthy of your organization. Your investor is your advocate, your ambassador and most of all your conduit to other potential contributors. Too many appeal letters talk about the organization and the letter never talks about how important YOU are to the organization and what YOU can do to make it even better. Remember that “YOU” can become a real name and be even more meaningful to the investor.

Our job as fund raisers is to write an inviting letter that asks YOU to join them in support a program, a student, a homeless person, a returning vet which gives YOU the opportunity to do something special, inspirational, and critical. YOU want to know the impact, the outcome, and how can YOU do more.  Your investors is special to you and has had the opportunity to experience what your organization has created.  Now with the appeal letter being about YOU, the investor, make it compelling, engaging and great call to action that will motive the investor even more!