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You want to learn how to retain your investors by building strong relationships that are sustainable over time so that investors become engaged with your mission and therefore, most likely they will consider an increase in their giving. Communications need to be ongoing, interesting, timely and relevant by telling a great story. If you have poor communications your investor will most likely stop giving at his current level and most likely fall off the gird all together. Here are some ideas that you should develop that won’t bore your investors.

  1. Be ego-centric by talking about the annual fund, programs and your history. Be sure your constituency needs to understand your mission and your history. 
  2. Keep your investors up to dated by sending your blog, newsletter and reports on a timely basis.
  3. Stories are essential but be sure you are getting the best story there is that will motivate your investors and prospects.
  4. Don’t use too many statistics because they are boring. Statistics¬† are better used in annual reports as a chart.
  5. Don’t use jargon, slang or acronyms because you constituency will not understand their meaning.
  6. Be safe by saying what you know your investors will want to hear and will understand.
  7. Be smart and don’t use big fancy words.¬† These words may intimidate many of your investors.
  8. Give impact in your annual report and be clear that your outcomes are solid and easily reached.
  9. There is always a conflict when writing your annal fund letter, do you put your interesting information at the beginning of a letter or at the end . Test it or do a survey to determine what your investors like the most.
  10. All your communications should be easy reading so that your investors and prospects understand your mission and vision.

What have you learned, communicate regularly, inspire them to be engaged and remind them that they are your hero’s so make every letter interesting and relevant.