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Leadership is so very important to any organization. The year end is the time that is often most stressful for nonprofits organizations. Your team is in the throws of raising as many gifts as possible and hopefully at a higher giving amount than the year before  You as the chief executive officer or the executive director are overseeing every gift that comes in as well as pushing your staff to do more.  You are trying to cram in several months of work, in to one month as well as be there for your family.  This is a great deal handle.

So what happens when the new year starts and you realize that you need help in being kinder and gentler to your staff.  Here are four bad behaviors you might want to consider before the new year starts and how you can integrate these in to your leadership philosophy.

  1. Interrupting your employees when they are attempting to have a dialogue with you,translate to your staff that their ideas are not important.  It is possible that is not your intent, but that is what they feel.  This also shuts them to come to you with creative ideas that you may not have thought of that could generate additional income.
  2. If you isolate yourself and choose not to walk to halls or talk to your staff in passing, you can bet that the staff has not sense of who you are and you have no idea who your staff is. Walk the halls, ask about their families, their ideas to raise more money or a unique idea they might have around an event or about building relationships.
  3. Don’t be a know it all!  You may have more education or more life experiences but trust me you don’t know it all  Don’t get stuck behind our desk and don’t give your staff that you are smarter than they are!  You want to walk among and have them feel that they make any suggestion that comes to mind.
  4. It is very easy for staff to know when you have are irritated and it does nothing to enhance your your role as the leader.  You need to be strong, yet warm and very human.  Many leaders don’t like the small talk or the need to acquise to staff.  If you are having a bad day, close your door and take a nap and start fresh.

These concepts are not new but you as the leader, may have forgotten them.