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Every organization has investors, prospects and volunteers that were once very enthusiastic but seem to be falling off the radar.  Most likely it is not their fault.  It’s more likely we have not given them enough information about our organization and how we motivate their interests to keep them engaged. If you have a newsletter, start writing about your top investors with a picture and a quote from them about your organization. Make everything about your investors!  Your annual appeal letters should be all about the investor – what they want to hear, what they need to know and how will their gift make a difference.

Don’t think that by making multiple arguments about why you need the dollars that your investors will be more impressed, because they won’t be.  Focus on what is important to your consistency.  If you don’t know, you had better find out soon by sending out a survey with five to ten questions.  Create a give away  especially if you have not given them anything in the past! Make them think you have not forgotten them. Remember to thank them again for their support and make it emotional, effusive and endearing.  Be really grateful for their time, their generosity, and create an ambiance that makes them feel special and dedicated.  Keep the relationship going by doing a monthly call and meet and greet even if is just a birthday card.  Remembering the little things makes them feel even more important!