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Every fund raiser believes that they have all the answers to being the best they can be; and, yet they often just can’t close the deal. This is not a lack of how to make the ask, it just may be that there are tools or ideas out there that you are not fully aware of.  Here are some ideas that might create an “HAH” moment for you.

Staying in touch by phone makes your investor feel that you are personally interested in them and not just after their money. Make a lunch date, ask about their children or grand kids or something else that indicates you are only concerned about them. Follow up with an email, indicting how much you enjoyed your conversation. Another necessary use of your time, is to know what works for you to really engage your investor and what is the ROI (the return on investment) that tracks your metrics of success.  If you really want to increase your new prospect list, don’t be shy about asking your investor for names of friends or colleagues that might be interested in learning more about your organization. Suggest that you will take them both out for coffee or lunch.

Remember that diversifying revenue streams is imperative for any nonprofit to enhance the amount of cash you receive.  If you have more than 30% of your funding from one source, bring your fund raising team together and start thinking about a profit center that could launch a new program for a campaign.  Think out of the box. Remember the 80/20% rule which is that 20% of your top dollar comes from that group.  Once again creativity is needed to keep these investors engaged.  Send them survey’s and ask for their opinion, invite them to private events as well as other ideas that will engage them in the organization. Every organization has some issue with board members.  Remember that even though the “are the leaders”, they still need constant reminders regarding your mission, vision  and what their responsibility to the organization.  They should be treated with kid gloves and with constant reminders of what they should be doing to engage new prospects.

This may all sound like ” are you kidding we know this stuff”, but truth is you know it but do you do it?