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As many of you know that online giving is growing greater every day.  If your donate button is only on one page of your website, you may be loosing contributions to other organizations. If your donate button is not easily accessible on every page, there are very few people who are cruising that would search out where they saw the donate button the first time.

Here are some create ideas that might assist you in increasing your online contributions. Make it simple and ridiculously easy. By making it simple means don’t have too many key strokes, clearly state needs as well as making the contributions page easy to find with no clutter and a very clear call to action on that page.The contribution page should be connected to your brand and not to something else that you think will stand out differently. It could give one the impression that this is not the same website.

Contributions should always have a sense of urgency, so your call to action must be stated clearly and efficiently. Give the investor or prospect the “BIG WHY” now and have it light a fire under them to make a contribution immediately and this will create difference for the organization. Monthly giving is beginning to create a strong appeal for many prospects today. If you can promote monthly giving on the same page, it might become a great kick starter for your organization