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How would you feel if you could raise more money for your nonprofit by creating a checklist of steps that you should be asking your Executive Director and you Board of Trustees to entertain as part of their responsibility to the organization. Please answer the questions with honesty and sincerity.

  1.  Do you receive 100% financial and 100 % participation in events, meetings and making introduction to potential new investors or board members? If the answer is yes, than move to question #2 and if no, then you need to engage your full board on their need to make a financial contribution, Without having a 100% of the Board’s participation, your organization will loose out on grants or other funding.
  2.  Is your Board involved in bringing new ambassadors on to learn and participate in your organization?  If the answer is yes move on to question #3. If not you need to figure out how to create enthusiasm for new groups of prospects to become involved with your organization.  This a huge part of what the Board should be doing. If there are Board members who are not doing this, perhaps you should consider asking the to step down from the Board.
  3. How focused is your organization on Individual giving?  Individual giving should be around 70% of your giving along with building strong relationships with those prospects and investors.  If you are doing this, then move on to question #4.  If you are not doing this it is time to start focusing on major and principle gift giving. Remember building a true relationship is essential in increasing the amount you can raise.
  4.  How many of your staff have funding as their only task? If the answer is yes you have at least one staff member dedicated to fund raising, them move to question #5.  If the answer is no, here is what you are missing out on rasing sufficient funds for your organization. If you are currently raising less than $500,000 and can’t afford one dedicated fund raiser, then your ED or CEO should be pulling in the dollars. If you are raising more than $500,000, you should be able to afford another qualified fund raiser who should be able to increase your fund raising by 25-50% in the first year.
  5.  Is your chief development officer a leader and is paid a more than an adequate salary? if the question is yes, than move on to question #6. If the answer is no, than consider the concept that you need a full time development person or COO who can lead, motivate and obtain fund raising results. This person will not be cheap but if he/she can produce and motivate your staff, you are on your way to raising more funds each year.
  6. Does your organization have a strategic fund raising plan? if the answer is yes, than move on to question #7.  If not, than you are only creating more chaos among your staff in their attempt to raise money. A written plan at least gives you direction and a clear understanding of goals and objectives.

I will give you the next 7 questions next week.  These six questions should give you an opportunity to figure out your strengths and weaknesses within your organization.