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Are you ready to supercharge your fund raising efforts? Are you willing to try three key tipping points that will move your organization to a new level of fund raising? One must be willing to step outside the box, create a strong case for support and have real compelling stories to relay to your investors. You will need to suck in your cut, take a deep breath and charge forward.

#1 – Focus on individual giving and seek out the top 80% of your individual investors. Forget about grants, special events, and state or federal support.  These are ideas that are needed in when the economy is in a down turn, but the economy is better and as you know, your individual contributors is where the money is raised. At this stage in your organization, cultivation along side building a strong relationship with your top investors, will most likely will increase your individual giving percentage in the first year.

#2 – Refocus your current prospect plan and begin to focus on referrals. Who are your best referrals sources?  Your board, your volunteers, your top investors and even your staff.  This one-on-one referral can be the beginning of creating strong personal relationship.  Having one-on-one conversations creates a special dialogue that might not otherwise materialize with a prospect. Referrals send a message that they are important because someone with status is making the recommendation.

#3 – Invest in your development department. What will it take to turn the corner in your organization to go from surviving to thriving? This concept always comes down to what is the organization willing to spend to take a great leap forward?  There are 1.5 million non-profits in the United States and any one of these could be or are your competition.  Do you want to left in the dust, with your doors closing?  I would hope not. Invest in your staff, invest in the tools they need to be the best of the best in fund raising and most importantly look for every major opportunity that comes your way.

These three steps may seem like huge barriers to overcome, but the truth is that innovation, creativity and  investing your staff will take you to the next level of fund raising.

Next week we will talk about what you need to know about your individual investors.